Frequently Asked Questions

+ How do I book a course?

To book, go to our Booking Schedule on the link below and select ‘New Courses’

Booking is usually open a couple of weeks before the start of each new term. We always post on Facebook when new terms are open for booking.

+ What level should I book?

If you’ve never tried aerial before, or have done a couple of workshops/classes in the past, then Beginner is the level for you (i.e. any course labelled Beginner or Beginner + Improver). If you have been training in aerial for a while, but are new to Aerial Cirque, we have some guidelines below on selecting the right level for you:

+ How do I change/cancel a booking?

You can change or cancel your booking up to 72 hours before the start of the course or workshop by clicking the orange button at the bottom of your confirmation email. Any cancelled bookings are refunded, minus the €5 booking fee. Cancellations/changes/refunds are not possible less than 72 hours before the start of term.

+ Can I try out an aerial class before I book a term?

If you’ve never tried aerial before, we have regular Taster Silks Workshops so you can try out before committing to a full term. A Taster Workshop is a fun 2-hour introduction to aerial silks, and we always advertise upcoming dates on Facebook.

We don’t offer trial classes for those who are not Beginners, but we do make drop-in spots available in any aerial course that is not booked out from Improver level up.

+ What should I wear?

It's best to wear opaque leggings or sweats and a top that tucks in. No zippers on leggings or other clothing are allowed as they damage the equipment. All jewelry must be removed before you begin. Socks can be worn during the warm-up, but they will need to be removed in order to work on the equipment.

+ What happens if I’m late for class?

If you are more than 15 minutes late, you will unfortunately not be allowed to join the class.

+ What happens if I miss a class?

Classes and courses are non-transferrable. However, if you miss an aerial silks or aerial hoop class, you can come to any Open Studio that’s not booked out in lieu of your missed class. You have until two weeks after your course finishes to use it. Open Studio is a self-led practice session. You do not need to sign up beforehand, but you will need to give the date of the missed class instead of paying when signing in at the studio. Students paying for practice time get priority, but booking closes an hour before Open and after that it’s first come, first serve in the studio for the remaining spots. A missed Open Studio cannot be made up, but you can swap or sell it. It is your responsibility to find someone and manage the financial exchange. You must send an email to to give the studio 24 hours notice.

+ Can I practice outside of class time?

We usually have Open Studio sessions several times a week – this is two hours of self-led practice time. You can book a spot in Open under ‘Classes’ or ‘Drop-ins’ on the booking schedule below.

+ Can I do a drop-in class?

We make drop-in spots available in any aerial course that is not booked out, from Improver level up. You can book under ‘Classes’ or ‘Drop-ins’ on the Booking schedule below:

We don’t offer drop-in spots for aerial classes at Beginner level. Drop-in spots for our ground-based classes are suitable for all levels (including Beginner) where indicated.

+ Do you offer classes for kids and teenagers?

Yes, we have several terms for our Aerial Monkeys (8-12 years) and Aerial Teens (13-18 years) each year, and classes are on Sundays. Drop-in spots are not available for kids/teens classes. We do not accept course bookings for children under 8 years of age. You can find more info here: