What is aerial?

Have you ever wanted to feel like you could fly? Aerial Cirque currently offers aerial, aerial yoga, and flexibility classes for all ages conveniently located in Dublin city centre. Develop a strong core and overall body tone by learning the graceful combination of dance and athleticism while flying in the air. Don’t think you’re strong enough? Not to worry, most people can’t climb or do a pull-up when they first begin. You just need a willingness to learn something new and have fun!

How do I book in?

Book your spot via our booking schedule on aerialcirque.org/bookings

While most of our aerial classes are offered in consecutive 5 week terms, we also offer a few drop-in aerial classes for improver level and above, drop-in flexibility, Open Studio practice times, and taster workshops. Check our booking schedule for specific class info and to book your spot.

Don't know what level you are? Check our Understanding your Level page. 


Taster Workshop: Aerial Silks

Ever wanted to give the silks a try? This workshop is for those who are new beginners. In this 2 hour workshop, we’ll start with a warm up and then learn a sequence on the aerial knot/cocoon. We’ll then move on to the aerial hoop, learning various skills below and above the apparatus, transitioning form one skill to the next in a fun sequence. Be prepared to swing, spin, invert, and have fun! It’s best to bring a long sleeve layer, water, and wear leggings or sweats. 

Aerial Yoga Workshops and Classes

Sunday Beginners workshop | €35
5 week term | €100
drop-in rate | 55 min | €20

Book online to guarantee your spot.

Using the support of the fabric, we can safely allow our bodies to go deeper and hold positions that we couldn't otherwise do. 

Developed by Ana Prada, Vayu Aerial Yoga is a completely unique total body experience combining aspects of yoga, dance, aerial arts, and pilates. Vayu Aerial Yoga is a practice that was developed to create space mentally and physically, by opening up the body through various postures using our custom designed yoga swing.

The Vayu Swing is a support system and tool used to facilitate and understand alignment while creating space within the body. Through specific articulation of movement we incorporate strength and the lengthening of the muscles isometrically to create core strength and balance.

The Vayu practice takes the body to a much deeper level. Using the support of the swing we are able to challenge the body moving through various postures, as well as allowing the nervous system to relax, and encouraging it to let go into complete surrender.

Inverting the body while suspended in the air not only provides many physical benefits such as spinal decompression, it also expands the mind by creating confidence, overcoming fear and allowing a change in the standard physical perception. We are able to explore this new-found freedom and awaken our inner child, bringing a playful light energy to our hearts. It is truly the experience of a floating meditation.

Aerial Silks

5 week term | 90min classes | €105
drop-in rate: €25 (for levels improver and above; depends on available spots)

Students begin with learning different climbs, foot locks, and then work their way up to inversions, sequencing, and even drops!These class will contain a warm up and conditioning component to optimise your ability on the silks. The class size is very limited to ensure that everyone gets individual attention. Get your body into shape while learning the grace of aerial silks!

Aerial Hoop (aka Lyra)

5 week term | 60min classes | €85
drop-in rate: €18

In this class, you will learn various ways to mount the single point hoop and various skills, transitioning one move to the next to create a fluid sequence. Once you feel comfortable and confident, we will factor in spinning while dancing through the sequence.

Rope (aka Corde Lisse)

We currently are not running this course

Corde lisse moves are normally a combination of held postures and drops using a rope that hangs from the ceiling. We use covered ropes of the highest standard in the industry. 

Basic Flexibility

5 week term | 60min classes | €65
drop-in rate: €13

Whether you're working on splits, straddles, backbends, or working up to a chest stand, this class is a great advantage for those looking to increase their flexibility and range of mobility, ultimately opening up new repertoire in the air. 

Open Studio

drop-in rate: €12

Open studio is a self-lead practice time to come in and practice what you have learned in previous classes or work on an act. It is a great way to build strength and re-affirm skills. Open Studio is available to anyone; however if you are new to the studio you will need to schedule an assessment with a coach before attending your first Open Studio. While we do encourage students to work together an help one another, skill sharing or teaching one another is strictly prohibited.

Please note, that only the smaller studio is available during the first half hour to warm up.  

What to Wear

Please wear opaque leggings with no zippers and a top that can be tucked in. It is also advised to bring a long sleeved layer. All jewelry must be removed before you begin. Socks can be worn during the warm-up, but they will need to be removed in order to work on the equipment.

Absence Policy

Classes and courses are non-transferrable. If you miss a class, you can come to an Open Studio session in lue of your missed class. Open Studio is a self-led practice session. You do not need to sign up beforehand, but you will need to give the date of the missed class instead of paying when signing in at the studio.

A missed Open Studio cannot be made up, but you can swap or sell it. It is your responsibility to find someone and manage the financial exchange. You must send an email to info@aerialcirque.org to give the teacher 24 hours notice.

Cancelation Policy

You may cancel your place and get a refund minus a €5 booking fee up to 72 hours prior to your first class of the term. After the 72 hours, we are unable give a refund or transfer to another class time or defer to another term.