Certified Teacher Training

Aerial Cirque currently offers certified aerial silks teacher training intensive programmes in Dublin city centre and at hosting studios. In this 40+ hour intensive practical hands-on course, you will learn how to teach and safely spot progressive aerial silks technique, skills, and sequences developed for the Aerial Cirque cirriculum. Participants will receive the Aerial Cirque teacher's manual detailing progressions, teaching techniques, student difficulties to anticipate, and safe spotting reminders. You will also learn insider tips on how to run a successful aerial business whether you're building it one carabiner at a time or opening a purpose fitted studio. 

This course is taught in English and therefore applicants should have a strong command of the language. 

For more information and to apply, email admin@aerialcirque.org to reserve your spot.  

Upcoming Dates

15 - 19 January 2018 - Dublin, Ireland
Aerial Cirque Beginners Silks - €850

Course Modules Include

  • safe spotting techniques
  • progressions of strength building exercises and skills appropriate a given level
  • warm ups and warm downs
  • learning styles
  • class management and vocal work
  • understanding rigging equipment and fundamentals of safe aerial rigging
  • how to start an aerial business and understanding your market

Course Levels offered

Aerial Cirque - Beginner & Improver Silks
pre-requisites: min of 18 months of aerial training + application video

Aerial Cirque - Intermediate Prep Silks
pre-requisites: completion of Beginner & Improver Silks Teacher Training course

Aerial Cirque - Intermediate Silks
pre-requisites: completion of Intermediate Prep Teacher Training course

Prerequisites Video

Interested applicants must have trained in aerial for a minimum of 18 months and submit a video with the following:

clean catchers in the air
3 consecutive short arm straddle inverts in the air (unassisted, both sides, switching hands)
3 consecutive soldier hip keys in the air (unassisted, both sides, switching hands)
a sequence including double foot-locks, a hip key, and double-star

We understand vocabulary varies between studios, so please refer to the following example application video.