Job Opportunities

Aerial Silks Teacher

Aerial Cirque - Dublin, Ireland

20-25 hours/week
6 month contract

Aerial Cirque is a busy aerial studio based in the heart of Dublin city center's busy Creative Quarter.  We are looking for an experienced aerial silks teacher to join our team, part-time at 20-25 hours per week. Our students are mostly visual learners so we require teachers to be able to demonstrate on the silks.

While our class schedule mostly consists of aerial silks, please let us know if you teach any other disciplines/apparatus. 

To apply, please send a CV and the following videos to
a. you teaching a beginners sequence on the silks
b. you guiding and spotting a student through the same beginners sequence
c. you teaching an intermediate sequence on the silks
d. you guiding and spotting a student through the same intermediate sequence 

Please see our Understanding Your Level webpage to get an idea of our level breakdown. 

Deadline to apply: Wednesday, August 15th 5:00pm