What are we doing?

We love Culture Night! To celebrate, we welcome you and a child to join us for a 50 minutes cocoon workshop for ages 3-8 years old. We'll be hosting one at 5pm and one at 6pm. Space is very limited and tickets must be booked via our booking calendar at the bottom of this page. Click on September 22nd and you'll see the workshops to book in!

You're dancing on the side of a building?! Tell me more


Location: Barnardo Square (across from the Olympia on Dame Street)
Show Times: 8:15pm, 8:45pm, 9:50pm
Show Length: 10minutes

Photo by Géza Soos

Photo by Géza Soos

At the intersection of abstract and concrete, Arc is a vertical dance spectacle by Aerial Cirque, combining the breathtaking vertical dance skills of Ria Murphy and the enigmatic visual mapping of Petko Tanchev on a building facade. A body hangs in space. The screen flickers a thousand still images, blended in the eye to movement. The living creature - a thousand million computations, blended to a living moment. The body’s weight depends upon the rope. A twitch, a kick, a sculpting of nothing and divine arcs are carved through space. It plays with and is frustrated by and loves the recursive paradox of understanding – we wish to understand the universe, but first we must understand ourselves, but first we must understand the universe... Arc is an attempt to reveal, discuss, explore and celebrate beauty, mathematics and our understanding of understanding.

Ria Murphy and Petko Tanchev were brought together on Walk the Plank's School of Spectacle, a Creative Europe project facilitated by the City of Limerick. 

Tell me more about the workshop

Please note that for this class, we require one guardian per child, who will both be taking part. Please book a ticket for each child + guardian pair, as 1 spot is allocated for each child. In this class, both parents and their children will learn how to fly in the aerial cocoons. Classes start with a fun warm-up and then move to swinging, climbing, hanging upside down, sequencing moves. Classes help children develop balance, proprioception, strength, flexibility, and dexterity.


Friday, September 22nd

5pm | Parent + Child cocoon workshop | 50 minutes

6pm | Parent + Child cocoon workshop | 50 minutes


What do I need to bring? 

Please wear clothes that you can move around in and turn upside down. 

We'll need you to sign a waiver before taking part, so feel free to read, print, and sign the information page beforehand. 

What if my schedule changes? 

If you no longer think you can attend, please cancel your spot via directions in the confirmation email. Space is limited and people from the waitlist would love to take the spot. 

How do I book in?

The workshop is free, but you'll need to book a space for each child + guardian pair. There is a limited number of cocoons and we want to make sure everyone gets a fair amount of flight time!

Look at the 22nd of September 2017 on the booking calendar to book a workshop.